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Practical Atlas of Tung's Acupuncture

(Discontinued) Practical Atlas of Tung's Acupuncture, 6th Ed.

Henry McCann & Hans-Georg Ross

Item #: M5109
Category: Books
Practical Atlas of Tung's Acupuncture
Sales price $65.99

Description of Book

NEW! 6th Edition - Thoroughly Revised and Expanded

This text contains a complete overview of Master Tung's Acupuncture, compiled from a variety of Chinese and English language sources, supplemented by the clinical experience of the authors. Introductory material elucidates the theoretical background and therapeutic strategies of Tung's system. Key topics include the three main categories for point selection: Image Correspondence (Taiji), Channel Correspondence, and Tissue Correspondence. Also described are needling methods, points selection, and the concept of coupled needling (Dao Ma). Point locations and indications are described both in terms of Master Tung's original zonal arrangement and with reference to the conventional primary channels with which they are functionally associated. Tung's "reaction areas" are described and their channel correspondences are explained.

For this 6th edition, a number of points have been added which were not part of Tung's original repertoire. Similarly, point functions developed by Taiwanese scholars are now listed for all points.

The glossary, which correlates symptoms, syndromes, and diseases with the appropriate points or point combinations applicable in each case, has been totally re-organized and expanded. An additional feature of the current edition is a chapter on the basic theory and clinical applications of Tung's palm diagnosis.

Over 70 diagrams provide the reader with a reliable quick location guide. Extensive comments on almost each point or point group with cross references to various important classic and modern sources explain the interrelationship between point location, indications, and needling technique, as well as the relationships between Tung's points and classical points. 320 pages.

Note: To purchase this book, please contact Kamow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    Practical Atlas of Tung's Acupuncture, 6th Ed.

    Henry McCann & Hans-Georg Ross