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According to tradition, masters of Oriental Medicine pass down their knowledge or their family secret formulas to……the eldest son or a trusted disciple.

Unfortunately in time, due to unforeseen circumstances such as war or accidents, a majority of these formulas failed to be preserved in their entirety. Some are forever lost, some are incomplete, and some are still waiting to be rediscovered…

The Evergreen Collection is a compilation of herbal formulas recovered following years of study and meticulous research in China. Dr. Kuan Shen (John) Chen, Research Director of Evergreen, and a doctor in Oriental Medicine and Western Pharmacology, studied extensively with various masters in hospitals and worked with patients in rural villages. The knowledge he gathered during these travels has been compiled into quintessential formulas targeted at today’s ailments. We now present you with these formulas, with the desire to enrich your practice through means we feared lost.

Discover the Lost Treasures of Oriental Medicine.
Discover the Evergreen Collection.