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Thousands of years of observation and experience by Chinese healers created the basic, classical formulas in which today’s practitioners are trained. Recognizing the importance of carefully combining specific plant, mineral, and animal substances to achieve superior remedies, our predecessors used and tested these formulas for thousands of years, passing along records and formulations of the highest quality for our confident use today.

Evergreen has carefully selected over 200 of these definitive, enduring traditional formulas to include in the Evergreen Classic Herbal Formulas line. Our respectful formulation of these fundamental products precisely follows the most current standards for Chinese herbal supplements, as set in the latest Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China.

Only the highest quality, standardized full-spectrum herbal extracts are chosen for Evergreen Classic Herbal Formulas. You have the Evergreen word on that our classic formulas are processed according to traditional methods and timing of combination of specific herbs, to ensure greatest efficacy.