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Oriental Medicine and You

Oriental Medicine and You

Curry Chaudoir

Item #: M5092
Category: Books
Oriental Medicine and You
Sales price $59.95

Description of Book

Over the past several thousand years, Oriental Medicine has developed into the most comprehensive medical system on the planet, initially passed on via oral tradition and then written word. This work is a humble translation of ancient Chinese medical theory into layman's contemporary English terminology.

This work is not a complex text laden with medical terminology for use by medical and/or scientific academics who scour materials in search of what doesn't work; rather it is a work based upon: 1) the truths of Oriental Medicine as outlined in many texts used to train Acupuncture professionals, and 2) experience with thousands of patients and their reality.

This book is intended as a reference for use by Acupuncturists who would like to offer their patients an understandable explanation of their particular symptom(s) prior to beginning care; it is also useful for patients who are curious about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 218 pages

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  • Oriental Medicine and You
    Oriental Medicine and You

    Curry Chaudoir