Earn Free Herb Credits with Continuing Education

We at Evergreen Herbs believe that knowledge is key to growing and establishing the TCM profession as mainstream medicine. To empower you with the skills needed to help more patients, Evergeen has teamed up with Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine, the largest international platform of continuing education for TCM practitioners. As a proud sponsor, when you sign up for the eLotus Gold Pass to learn from their full library of online courses, you receive a Store Voucher from us to apply on any of our herbs, no minimum purchase required. By helping to offset your educational cost, our goal is to support your professional development, and through you, the TCM profession as a whole.

To Earn A Store Voucher

  • Purchase Gold Pass (either 1 full payment or monthly installments) on eLotus.org/Gold, and earn one dollar credit per dollar spent on your Gold Pass payment(s).
  • Wait for your Store Voucher in email (typically received within 7 work days).

To Redeem / Order with Your Store Voucher

Use your Store Voucher credit on any herb purchase. Simply mention that you're a Gold Pass member when placing an order through phone, email, or online:

After a purchase, any remaining credit stays on your Store Voucher until used or expires, whichever comes first. For even greater savings, use your Store Voucher on our 4+1 Special formulas!

Store Voucher Expiration

Use the credit on your Store Voucher before its listed expiration date:

  • 1 Payment Gold Pass: Store Vouchers expires on the same day the Gold Pass membership expires (1 year from purchase).
  • Gold Pass Monthly Installments: A Store Voucher is issued once a month. It is valid from the day the installment goes through and expires on the next installment date.

Offer Exclusions & Additional Details

  • Store Voucher does not apply to books, supplies, tax, or shipping.
  • Store Voucher orders are excluded from free shipping.┬áTo sustain this sponsorship program, shipping will be charged to ALL Store Voucher orders, regardless of the order total.
  • Store Voucher cannot be combined with any other offers (e.g., store vouchers, gift certificates, promotions, discounts, or offers) except the 4+1 Specials.
  • Store Voucher cannot be applied retroactively to past due invoices, is non-transferable, and has no cash value.
  • Store Voucher will not be valid upon the cancellation/refund of a Gold Pass membership. Any amount used on the store voucher will then be charged.