Why Evergreen Herbs?

Eco-Sensitive Farming

Evergreen seeks out farmers whose first priorities are to follow eco-sensitive farming principles and routinely test both the soil and water for quality and safety from contamination.

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Biodiversity & Sustainability

We purchase premium raw material and protect earth’s natural resources by not using any endangered animals nor protected species from the wild. To recycle, herb dregs that are beneficial for the earth are transformed into organic fertilizer and returned to earth.

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Authenticity, Purity & Safety

Herbs are verified for authenticity via advanced laboratory equipments. Pesticide, heavy metal, fungus, mold and bacteria tests are performed to ensure purity and safety. For cleanliness, Evergreen herbs are extracted with softened and purified water, then granulated in sealed, temperature controlled, clean rooms to avoid contamination.

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Expert Formulation

Evergreen Herbs prides itself on leading the Chinese herbal community as an authoritative resource and innovator of the art and science of Chinese Medicine as a whole.

Dr. John Chen, expert consultant for Evergreen Herbs with dual doctorate degrees in Western Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine, has lectured throughout the United States and Europe and has written texts and manuals on the practical use and pharmaceutical research aspects of herbal medicines. He has played a key role in crafting the Evergreen Collections, a line of Chinese herbal formulas specifically addressed for today's ailments. With his knowledge, Evergreen Herbs is able to bring you the best of the east and west in each bottle.

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Quality Control

Evergreen leads the industry in its commitment to product excellence with a team of highly trained specialists ranging from senior herbalists experienced to perform organoleptic identification to microbiologists who tests for safety against harmful bacteria and biochemists who perform assays to ensure the presence and quality of active ingredients in our extracts.

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Why Evergreen Herbs

From "seed to shelf," Evergreen ensures purity, safety and potency in our herbal extracts by following standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Efforts put forth by our team of experts in chemistry, microbiology, and Chinese medicine result in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which guarantees that your practitioner receives the highest quality product that is safe and effective.

Evergreen Herbs are professional-grade extracts that are available exclusively through healthcare practitioners. Click here to find a practitioner who dispenses Evergreen Herbs near you.